With over 10,600 dispensing points, RECUP | REBOWL's deposit system for the food service industry is the largest in Germany.

RECUP | REBOWL, the leading company for reusable food containers seeks to accelerate their digital agenda to be prepared for additional markets and the challenges of the pandemic
1. Develop additional app feature set and deploy it, especially around cashless deposits
2. Deliver long term vision and roadmap of strategic partnerships to become one-stop-shop for reusables
Strategic value
Be prepared to scale to new markets and increase number of loyal users who have integrated RECUP | REBOWL's deposit system into their daily routine
Type of venture and sprint
RECUP | REBOWL was one of two winners of the 2021 cycle. They had already built an innovative and sustainable deposit system for coffee-to-go and take-away food. We set up a joint team with 10 experts from BCGDV and 13 members from Recup for 8 weeks in our Berlin office to build an enhanced mobile app for their deposit system for coffee-to-go cups and lunch bowls.
Bringing RECUP and REBOWL in one system
Make sustainability more accessible
Make sustainable consumption options “affordable” and easy to identify
Reduce footprint
Decrease users’ environmental footprint
Overview of nearby partners
Map sustainable consumption opportunities
Track impact
Engage with users to track own impact
Traction as of March 2020

Seven critical features deployed (e.g. backbone for cashless deposits)

Test pilot rolled out to number of strategic partners 

Prepared Recup for personalisation and a more gamified experience