Plan A

Plan A helps companies build a decarbonised and sustainable economy, using data and science to accelerate corporate transformation and ESG reporting.

BCG DV and BCG worked with Plan A for a few months on building the technical foundation to prepare for scale their platform for carbon accounting for SMEs.
1. Help Plan A with market research on defining perfect client personas
2. Support Plan A on setting up the foundation for scalable data collection and assessment for carbon accounting related data for SMEs
Strategic value
Support Plan A get visibility and feedback and support on scaling of data infrastructure of offering for SMEs.
Type of venture and sprint
Plan A & BCGDV team (Dec 2019)
Plan A is the winner of our very first Social Ventures Program cycle in 2019. They successfully pitched a b2b platform that measures, monitors and reduces the carbon footprint of SMEs. We set up a join team of 10 experts from BCG X and BCG and 13 members of Plan A for 8 weeks in our Berlin office. Together we worked on scaling their existing MVP and developed a growth strategy.
Source: Plan A
One-stop platform for organisations to enable companies to reduce their environmental impact and run smooth non-financial reporting
Measure & Analyse
The software then was able to manually measure and analyse data
Centralise Data
Monitor analysed data in a dashboard
Reduce emissions with recommendations
Traction as of February 2022

Plan A has now developed a B2B software for corporates that automates, predicts and processes complex data to enable businesses to manage and succeed on their net-zero journey

To date they have secured 13M in Funding, from investors such as SoftBank, and HV Capital

Client list includes large corporates, like BMW and Société Générale, JOKR, and Flixbus

Plan A brings together a community of 100,000 scientists, business leaders, investors, and individuals